I discovered illustration as the age of 3, thanks to Cabu, on Récré A2. His refined style seduced me. In just a few minutes and a few strokes, he managed to touch any audience with his drawings, his caricatures. Later, I discovered Picasso, who despite his genius, sought to reduce what he drew to his simplest expression : his Taurus is a very good example. The singularity of these two artists and their rapidity of execution have always fascinated me.

Since then, I have never ceased drawing mainly graphite pencil and markers, to express my emotions, my desires, my imagination, trying to simplify my work as much as possible.

Inhabited of a great intellectual curiosity, I first oriented myself to the computer science. This first professional career lasted nearly 20 years.

Eager for novelty, I followed in 2014 and 2015, the courses of Elisabeth Mies-Wallet, Artist and Professor at the ESAM of Caen, in Normandy. She made me discover new techniques (charcoal, pastel, watercolor, painting). Thanks to its semi-figurative and dreamlike style, she has oriented me towards the figurative art, while respecting my taste to go to the essential and my desires to experiment. She also invited me to work in the former workshop of Yvonne Guégan, reconverted as an artistic residence. I had the chance to discover and work on the different styles of this great portraitist painter : Fauvism, Expressionism and the Abstract. In addition, a meeting with Matali Crasset, industrial designer, made me question my artistic approach, the language of color, the interaction of the work with the public.

Work in Yvonne Guégan's house

Work in Yvonne Guégan's house - December 2016

Geraldine Pery

Since then I have joined the artistic residence La Taverne Gutenberg in Lyon, where I work with artists such as Henri Lamy, Abdoul Khadre Seck, Clement Garnung and Mathilde Corbet.

When I work, I seek above all perfection. Perfection is totally absent in the Abstract. Several professors and artist friends remarked to me: "Art is in imperfection." Also, I orient my work to test different techniques, materials to find and control all the imperfections that bring the painting. The Abstract attracts me especially, but also the Portrait, which seems to me the simplest expression to challenge the public for the moment.

Geraldine Pery

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